I want to become your trusted creative council. I'll work directly with you on print marketing materials, catalog, the internet or branding issues.

You may only need a pocket full of ideas to take to your in-house marketing department, or to your board. Ideas we'll come up with together - that I can put on paper or an electronic presentation for you.

My abilities shine - working directly with corporate heads, business executives, departmental leaders or with vendors already in place.

Implementation of good ideas is based on experiences in other situations - similar or not. Creativity comes from a kind of trained reflex or reaction to the new situation. My intuition and ability to apply what I know and have experienced to new situations in a very creative manner is unique.

Customers benefit from my experience in the Graphic Arts. Working successfully with a broad spectrum of personalities and different nationalities has added to client benefits, and my ability to find pleasing solutions.


Past and present, I have worked directly with national and international clients. Some include the following:

  • Consumer (Ace, Playboy, P. Lorillard - Marlboro)
  • Retail (Bergner's, Sears, Evan's Furs, and
    other department stores)
  • Travel (Tourism Council - Venezuela, Delta Airlines,
    Radisson Hotels)
  • Publishing (Glencoe, McGraw-Hill, Good Apple, Que,
    and Open Court)
  • Food (Kraft Foods - Chicago,
    California Wine Growers and Bottlers Assoc.)
  • Industrial (Caterpillar, Hyster, Keystone, many others)
  • Banking, Insurance, Furniture and more.

Can we talk about your needs soon?

Thank you for your time, I'm anxious to hear from you.

Jim Coventry