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Because we understand ALL the Graphic Arts, we will help you cultivate new customers and help you better service the ones you have.

You have a potential client that you want to work with. You need to put together a professional presentation to entice them to choose you from the list of competitors being considered.

We'll come in and work with your sales team & your pre-press department and become your temporary creative director for that presentation or project. We'll help you analyze what is needed by your clients so you present the information that will persuade them to buy from you.

We'll use typographic fonts and colors that keep with your corporate ID. We'll prepare your presentation with inticing, high quality photos
- we'll get it done on time!

but your client doen't have a graphic artist nor an ad agency or studio they use. They have you and you have Digital Productions working as if you had a full time creative director/design team. And when the work is finished we wait for the next call for work. We're not drawing a salary, vacation pay nor insurance.

Added value.
Recently we produced 4 catalogs for 3 different clients ( layouts, photos, Photoshop, pre-press production and press checks). One of those Illinois clients sells products to his customer in Florida. The Florida customer produces a catalog to sell his products to his own customers. Our Illinois customer had us work with their Florida customer to get his catalog together at very low cost to the Florida customer.

Your client needs product photos or photography of their products in action for marketing materials, their web site and or catalogs.

We have been providing clients with polished and enhanced, world class product photos for over 20 years. Some clients have wanted to control their own photos in house. We have helped them buy the equipment they needed and instructed them in producing their own images. We've also taught clients Photoshop since 1990.

We will partner with you so you can partner with your customer better.