TOTAL IMAGERY...a term coined by us, indicating that Graphic Design should be a factor for planning for every aspect of a company.

Business transactions begin with the image you present to your customer. That image should follow all the way through the thank you on your invoice.

Planning should be done with the help of a professional designer.

Planning an expansion,a new look or just getting started in business... we will help you plan your business, new or old. We become part of a team in your business as much as a C.P.A., anArchitect, or a staff M.B.A..

Digital Productions' "TOTAL IMAGERY" capabilities provide maximum flexibility in producing top-quality creative brochures, catalogs, and corporate communications while maintaining effective cost controls.

We offer a full spectrum of services, including layout, typography, creation of charts and graphics, OCR scanning for text input, high-resolution scanning for photos and art.

Printers know our work and are confident they will get films that are correct and will print as expected. This confidence is reflected in competitive pricing.

Quality. Reliability. Dependability. Cost effective. More than what you expect, it's what you deserve.

DUNLAP, IL 61525
(309) 678-0653

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