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Good Graphic Design is the result of marketing psychology:

  • What color makes people want to buy, or will receive the most attention in specific cases?
  • How does one particular type face help achieve readership over another type face?
  • How do we build enough intrigue to intice a reader through the verbiage of a story, a book or just a small ad?
  • When should a reader be able to tell the book by it's cover?

Bright and exciting Photography that tells the story
Catalog photography, product photography for sales literature, or even underwater video photography, when the demand is there, Digital Productions knows how to solve the picture puzzle, black and white or color.

Story illustration or illustration - just to make a point.
Illustration is more than just a piece of the puzzle at Digital Productions, it is an integral part of the overall well thought out Graphic Design.

Knowledge really pays off
Whether a project is produced at Digital Productions or by our clients, we preflight the work before it goes to press. Our extensive experience and knowledge of pre-press production pays off. We are sure of our prices because we know what is needed to get-the-job-done.
Our staff has developed such superior expertise in pre-press production that some clients have requested one-on-one training for their in house production people.

A value added service
There are printers available to produce any project. Finding the right printer, with the right equipment, the shortest turn around times, the best quality, and the best price, is a Digital Productions value added service. Printers look at Digital Productions as a knowledgeable source of work. A source that understands what is needed to get the job done, and done right.

Get up and running on the Web.
Imagine; you have a presence on the web, an exciting web page that tells your marketing story and reflects your catalog information. You have dealers at different pricing levels. Your dealers at each price level are given access to a price page via your web site. They can place orders and instantly print out their own invoice, and a pre-delivery sheet telling them when their order should get to them, and from which distributor. At the same time, inventories at the distributor are adjusted by the amount of the dealers order.
Selling is enhanced with a Digital Productions produced interactive CD presentation and training can be streamlined using one of our CD education systems.




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