"A picture is worth a thousand words..."

A good quote for an
artist to remember.

...the older one gets, the more wisdom sets in. Wisdom tells us that although good illustration is needed to tell a story, words are essential to complete marketing of a company or a product.

Illustration is not limited to the mediums of traditional art any longer. Those old limits are now opened beyond any time in history. With new technology, we can make a photo look like art or make art look like a photo. We can combine photography with art and art forms to tell a story better, and do it all digitally. Digital cameras let us avoid film or photographic prints.

Building an illustrative library is now easier and less expensive than ever before. Individual products can be shot and stored in a digital library, ready for use tomorrow or next year. Today, the second time a picture is used, it is basicallybeing used for free.

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Our creative abilities make computers, and other leading edge technology, tools of our trade.